About Novinchoob

NovinChoob Khuzestan with a maximum capacity of cellulose production in southern Iran, the Islamicalways creating and strengthening the independence of self thinking mind. With this approach and relying on efficient military cooperation, the company is ready to provide various products based on MDF comparable and competitive with foreign brands and is valid. The industrial group on track to meet the quantitative and qualitative improvement of their products, increase customer satisfaction, compliance with environmental standards and the EU step certificate of international standard ISO10004: 2014, ISO9001-2008 and ISO14001: 2004 and CE was Europe. Is now proud to expand the production of a large family Khuzistan increased following the introduction of our new timber: Melamine MDF covered with new wood (snow, bright, bold) new pages around the edge of the wood MDF Melamine desire for new wood (snow, bright, bold) New Hayglas MDF wood (PVC) Super Hayglas new MDF wood (PVC)